Water trap consist of red rigid plastic with pheromone deposit basket in the centre of the trap. Place it on the soil, at height of 20 cm above ground level. The trap is filled with water with a thin layer of vegetal oil or liquid soap on top. Insects naturally attracted to pheromone, fall into the pool of water, drown and die. Water should be added when the water level is low.

Available in red, green and black colors.

The purpose of use

This water trap is specially designed for mass trapping of Tuta absoluta moth.

It is used in conjunction with the pheromone to capture flying insects for monitoring and mass trapping.

Monitoring: With traps, the first adult emergence of target pests can be detected. Accordingly, the pest control time is determined.

Mass trapping: As soon as the first adult captured in monitoring trap, the traps are hung intensively at regular intervals. In this way, a large number of adult insects are caught. Thus reducing the caused damages on the crop.

To be considered for use of traps for mass trapping are as follows:

- The distance between the traps

- Number of traps required per unit area

- The replaced interval of the pheromone capsules in the traps depends on indicative diffusion of lure

For monitoring: from 2 to 4 traps/ha, for mass trapping: from 20 to 40 traps/ha. 

The lure shall be changed regularly according to manufacturer's instructions.

The method of use

Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor areas.

Target pests

Tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta).