Biopheropoint ThP

Pine Processionary Moth, Thaumetopoea pityocampa pheromone

Crops: Pine

Dispenser material: Rubber septum

Packaging:Aluminium pouches

Shipping: Within 2-3 days

Field life: 4-6 weeks

Storage: Store in a refrigerator for a shelf life of 2 years

Recommended Trap: Delta trap, funnel trap

The purpose of use:Monitoring and mass trapping


-Delta trap or funnel trap can be used.

-Put 1 pine processionary moth pheromone lure per trap.

-Trap density: 3 trap/ha. 

-Traps are placed at the beginning of June.

-The trap should be placed on the tree’s canopy at a height of 5-6 m.

-The traps must be checked on a daily basis, and after the first adults have been captured, the traps must be checked every week. The delta trap sticky cardboard is replaced when the number of captures is really high of when the sticky cardboard becomes really dirty from the dust.

Mass trapping

-Funnel trap can be used.

-Trap density: 20 trap/ha. Traps placed at regular intervals inside the crop and its borders.