Biopheropoint LoB 

European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana pheromone

Crops: Vineyard

Dispenser material: Rubber septum

Packaging:Aluminium pouches

Shipping: Within 2-3 days

Field life: 4-8 weeks

Storage: Store in a refrigerator for a shelf life of 2 years

Recommended Trap:Delta trap, funnel trap

The purpose of use: Monitoring and mass trapping


-Delta trap or funnel trap can be used. 

-Put 1 european grapevine moth pheromone lure per trap.

-Trap density: 1-2 trap/ha. Preferably it can be put one in the centre and the other one in the border in the crop. 

-Trap should be placed in the early spring. 

-Trap should be placed in the crop height. 

-The delta traps must be installed with the aperture facing the main regional winds.

-The traps must be checked on a daily basis, and after the first adults have been captured, the traps must be checked every week. 

-The sticky cardboard of delta trap is replaced when the number of captures is really high or when the sticky cardboard becomes really dirty from the dust.

Mass trapping

-Funnel trap can be used.

-Trap density: 20- 30 trap/ha. Traps placed at regular intervals inside the crop and its borders. 

-Mass trapping reduce the pest pressure and they can be used as a complement for other management methods.