Trichogramma evanescens

Trichogramma evanescens is used for biological control of tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta), european corn borer, european grapevine moth, codling moth.

This parasitic wasp is an endoparasite that develops inside of host eggs.


2.500 parasitized moth eggs on cardboard sachets.

Recommended dose

This parasitoid should be release as soon as the first moths are found on pheromone traps.

A preventive release strategy consists of introducing 10 - 15 parasitic wasps/m2 weekly.

A curative release strategy consists of the weekly or 2-weekly introduction of 25-30 parasitic wasps/m2.


Tomato, corn, vineyard, fruit trees.


Hang the sachets on the plant and protected from direct sunlight. It is recommended to release parasitoid into crops either early in the morning or early evening.Release the product uniformly in crops.

Handling and Storage

Keep the sachets at a temperature of 12-18ºC.

After the sachet is received, it should be released as soon as possible.

Parasitoid may be stored for one day.

The cold chain should be in all the transport and storage process.

Keep out of direct sunlight.